the human kind

kindness“Imagine that you’re asleep, and you then you wake up, you’re not sure where you are, you’re not sure if anyone else is around.

What would you probably do first?

You would likely look around and say ‘hello’? ‘hello’? – You’re attempting to find out (AM I ALONE?)” – Richard Berendzen

Asking that question ‘Am I alone’? throws into sharp relief the importance of people, and the relationships we form. humans are social mammals we need each other and there is no greater demonstration of this dependence than how we treat each other.

In light of the recent tragic events in Boston (the family and friends of whom our deepest condolences extend)  and what will be the continued torrent of media frenzy for the upcoming weeks, I feel this week’s on-line journal (because using the term ‘blog’ makes it seem like an alien being what made of mucus and lives in a cave) is as good as any to talk about why I ‘write’ for pplkind.

I used to believe that there was no greater indication of our positive evolution than our technological advancement further punctuated by our venture into space. Since the early 19th century we have been unknowingly beaming radio waves (television, radio) into vastness of space at the speed of light. I have always wondered with my nerdy curiosity that to any technologically intelligent life forms that may stumble across these inter-stellar ‘messages’ the Earth would seem like a very scary place.


This is not the case.

Let it never be said that I am against the reporting of negative news, I write for pplkind to try and balance out the proliferation of negative news in our everyday lives. It serves to blind us to the oft unreported positive deeds of the many all around us (from the mundane to the monumental).

Contrary to what popular media would have us all believe, we don’t live on a world teetering on the edge of oblivion where anything worthy of mention is centred around war, crime, poverty and terror, but the rolling 24 hour nature of coverage of the world around in which we live often feels like being trapped in some cynical puppet-master’s ‘hunger games’. With the help of bombastic news graphics and Hollywood tier theme music, the previous week in particular has felt like the end of the season finale to ’24’.


from our stories, we believe evolution is the progress of global culture, environmental awareness and action, collective intelligence, disruptive policy, innovative technology, life-saving science, conflict resolution and above all, kindness.

The Future is Ours

courtesy of Michael Marantz

pplkind wants to bring you undeniable proof that even in these times of uncertainty there lies an opportunity for change in the most profound way. A change that can push our evolution as a species.

People say good news doesn’t sell? Well we’re not selling it.


I and founder of pplkind (Clare Saxon) believe we are living in very exciting times, times where technology in communications can allow the free sharing of ideas in economic, political or environmental solutions and innovations. I have rambled on for about 400 words now about people, kindness and progress the such, but if that has left you still baffled as to what I am rambling about kindly visit the pplkind website for a better understanding.

I must confess, I have never actually seen ’24’.